Tiffany Evans Talks ‘All Me’ EP, Fetty Wap Connection, Being a Mother and More With Music Times


Music Times: When you hear the title of the EP, All Me, it just sounds so profound — like there’s a story behind choosing that title. So what’s the story? What was your inspiration behind the title?

Tiffany Evans: I recorded the EP when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Chaden. When I’m pregnant, because I’ve been pregnant before — I have two daughters now — but when I’m pregnant, I get really inspired and I want to talk about everything. I have so many emotions and so many things that I’m going through that I just want to sing about. Recording All Me was a way for me to express all of that. Chaden is my second child, I’m married and really growing into who I am as a woman. So with this album, I got to do things my way, really come into my own and not take anyone’s idea of me, but allow myself to be who I am without someone else telling me who I am.

Music Times: As it relates to people telling you who you are, do you find it difficult to break the mold or the idea of you as that little girl? For example, those who are still remembering that 10-year-old from TV, or the young girl who sang in Tyler Perry’s: Diary Of A Mad Black Woman?

Tiffany Evans: Absolutely. Especially when you’re going through life and you’re having different changes within yourself without taking the time to step away from everything to figure out who you are on your own, without people watching. That’s one of the reasons why I took time out of the game, outside of the business, so that I could grow and not force it down people’s throats. I definitely want people to see who I am now and that I’m not naive but there are definitely some personal changes. But I never stopped being an artist. I never stopped writing and I never stopped recording.

Music Times:
The changes and growth in who you are today are pretty apparent. But what about the changes in the industry? After taking a break from music for a while and then coming back, what have you noticed about the music industry? What’s different?

Tiffany Evans: Oh definitely social media. Social media is so big now. It has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m used to back in the day where you had to get out there and do the ground work to get your music heard and played on the radio. No one really knew who you were unless you had a number one record. Now, it’s like you record a video or a song and it can blow up overnight and that’s how mostly everyone gets their information. But, it can also work as a disadvantage for the artist because that’s how people connect with you and want to connect with you, so if you don’t put enough of yourself out there, you can lose that connection. I believe there are some things that artists should be able to keep to themselves and have a life outside of music because music is the job. So not giving enough on social media or giving too much is a disadvantage.

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